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Citizen Science

The SBDN is much more than an academic event with a high scientific standard.

It is a social commitment. An event that aims to bring science to those who finance it.

Thus, the square becomes a true stage for science, where researchers, educators and the community meet in a space for exchange and collaboration. It is a powerful reminder that science does not just belong in laboratories and universities, but also in the public space, where everyone is welcome to explore, question and learn.


Science Festival in the Square

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As part of the programming of the V Brazilian Symposium on Neglected Diseases and I World Symposium on Neglected Diseases hosted at the Federal University of Lavras, on May 22, 2024, in Lavras, Minas Gerais, several activities and actions related to biological and health sciences, in particular zoology, species conservation and neglected diseases.

The target audience for these actions are students studying from early childhood education to graduation; teachers from state and municipal public schools; Primary Health Care and Health Surveillance professionals, residents and supporters.

The Festival's main objective is to bring together, in the same space, different audiences interested in debating and learning about the connections between science and society -with neglected diseases and their vectors as a backdrop- striving for interactivity, dialogue, demystification of prejudices, and dissemination/dissemination of the research carried out in the institutions involved.

Collections of disease vectors and venomous animals are special collections that house in their collections certain groups of organisms responsible for transmitting pathogens to humans or animals that have venom, respectively.

At this event, during educational and scientific dissemination actions, the presentation of biological material from these collections will provide the public with an opportunity to learn how to recognize disease vectors and venomous animals, in addition to providing a moment of socialization and exchange of knowledge between academia and society.

The Festival will offer throughout the day, exhibitions of vectors of disease-causing agents, venomous animals and other specimens from the biological collections of the René Rachou Institute, the Ezequiel Dias Foundation, the Butantan Institute and the Federal University of Lavras, in addition to of workshops, games and stands for visitors.

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Biological collections - Fiocruz (COLVET)

Over the last 10 years, Funed has carried out several public science communication projects, which led, in 2012, to the creation of the Science in Movement Program (PCM).

The PCM travels through the municipalities of Minas Gerais in a truck that carries scientific and technological knowledge, through playful and popular language, establishing a relationship of dialogue between researchers and society and between science, health and culture.

In May, the SBDN will bring the PCM to Lavras, as part of the event's programming.

Come join!


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